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Online bingo is a relatively new phenomenon in Italy, started in 2009 and will see his real explosion in 2011. When it comes to online bingo is good to do once a distinction between online bingo and online bingo in Italian AIMS. In fact there are so many online bingo halls that provide the software in Italian, but does not include a license AIMS.

The latter theoretically rooms are not authorized to offer online games in Italy. The first bingo hall equipped with AIMS license was to digital Gaming in December 2009. Soon after came Sisal Bingo online bingo and Lotto metical.

Although the game of bingo is relatively new, while in other European countries such as England is now a reality, there are great expectations regarding the dissemination of this game in our country. First, the bingo is part of culture and tradition. The bingo are also a people of bettor and is easy to imagine that you also passionate about this game.

Let's not forget that bingo, rather it is to all intents and purposes a real bingo online. The bingo and tradition come together to play, especially during Christmas. Some operators, such as Lotto metical and Wing Bingo, in addition to the classic version of bingo.

Online bingo has recently launched the phone betting on the fact that bingo will be played on the go. The online bingo Wing has instead created the VIP system, a points system that allows players to have the most loyal in the bonus gift, for example in the form of free bingo cards or gadgets. With the arrival of new operators into the Italian market there are certainly many other promotions for the benefit of bingo players.

Soon it is expected the arrival in bingo. These operators will open their rooms to players presumably in November 2011 and the expectation is high. Probably there saran many new bonuses, promotions and loyalty initiatives for players and do not let them escape to the other rooms. The best games to play bingo online without spending a cent, following the extractions, and laden with the quintet or the legendary bingo. We present in this article a number of websites where you can play bingo online. The best on the market, many players and so many jackpots prizes and also has a wide selection of game modes to bingo.

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