How to play online blackjack

Blackjack is a card game that is not played as is often the case with other card games against other players but against the dealer or the bank of the casino. The aim of the game is to get as close as possible to 21 points get hold without exceeding this score. The fewer cards you need for it, the better.

Select blackjack online in the Unibet online casino of your choice. On your computer screen you a blackjack table is as you know it from a land based casino, displayed. To do so, simply click on the chips you want to bet that you, with your mouse, or push it into the middle of the blackjack table.

By clicking on the "deal" - or "handing out" option, the blackjack online game begins. The dealer turns three cards automatically. Two of these are your two cards. The other card is the first dealer card. Based on the already revealed cards, you must now decide whether you want to continue playing with the already revealed cards or if you want to draw a third card. Are you with the first two cards already close to the 21 points; it makes sense not to take the risk and to exceed a third card, the 21 points.

Achieve more than 21 points, the game is lost. When deciding for or against a third game card at blackjack online, you can choose between the following betting options: stand, hit, pair splitting, doubling down, or Surrender Insurance. Click the betting option that you want to take a call. If your total score after the uncovering of the third card is still small, you can gradually discover more cards. Automatically, the game is not complete until you reach exactly 21 points or they have exceeded.

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