Keno Online

The word "Keno" has a double root. As one might expect, Keno should come from France, but not this game has reached us of the ancient China during the Han Dynasty. This game almost similar to today was to select numbers Quantize characters of the "Thousand Character Classic" and conduct a random draw, the game was called then literally "white pigeon label 'because it' was the pigeons that allowed villagers on the outskirts of town to have the results.

Each ball has a number from 1 to 80, during aspiration, a fan pushes air into a transparent bubble and allows balls to mix. The dealer will press the lever and open the tube that allows you to lift and move the balls in a tube "V" also called "Rabbit Ears".

Until 20 balls are outputs. The player receives the amount corresponding to the number of numbers in common with the draw. Naturally, the more we have common numbers plus the amount earned is important.

Keno is a historical game with more than 2000 years old. Keno originated in China in 200 BC during the Han Dynasty and Cheung Leung used to rehabilitate the finances of the Chinese state. After 2000 years we can play keno online.

When you play keno you have available a folder numbered 1 to 80. The aim is to predict the numbers will Extracts. The extraction is done randomly. Can be chosen up to 15 numbers on your folder, and many are the numbers that are extracted. Based on the bet, the amount of numbers chosen and the amount of winning numbers is obtained a certain win. The table below shows the payouts for the amount of numbers and amount of numbers you have chosen.

Keno online is one of the simplest games you can find at the casino for players of all types, professionals and casual, a great alternative to heavy intervals between sessions of play poker, blackjack, roulette or slot machines. Keno online with graphics and sounds of the latest generation test and assure you that you will enjoy! So why do not you also download the  software and try and win a fortune at the casino with bonus of € 500 that the casino gives.

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