Monopoly for the new generation

Most of us are familiar with Monopoly, having learned to play on long winter evenings or even during wet summer holidays. The iconic images that spring to mind include the playing pieces, a miniature iron, dog, top hat, car and boat. The addresses used in the game including Pall Mall and Marylebone station are as well known today as they ever were, as are the original graphics from the game. All of these can be experienced again along with a growing sense of nostalgia for those who play monopoly online slots.

Typical Brits can remember spending hours huddled around a board arguing over who got to be the banker (usually dad) and whether remembering afterwards that you owned ‘Pall Mall’ still counted!  Growing up changes your perception slightly and now what seemed boring or brought on by the weather becomes a rose-tinted memory of fun family time and raucous laughter. Players certainly find that the atmosphere on Paddy Power Games is as cheerful and friendly as they remember, getting a warm welcome from players and the live help in the interactive chat windows.

The new slots game is a revamped and shiny version of its former self, with clear gameplay, exciting prizes, bonuses and mini games. Beautifully tailored graphics recreate the Monopoly board game for computers, smartphones or tablets, allowing a whole new generation to enjoy the monopoly theme. Fast gameplay is streamed directly with no interruption to play after each win. Players can enjoy choosing how many lines to play and are encouraged to choose their own games and develop strategies, leading to much more rewarding games.

Online games offer an easy new way to play and enjoy breaks and leisure time. It is now possible to play a quick game on the bus or in the office or canteen. For many online games offer a great way to unwind in the evening or on days off, without leaving the house, having company or making any effort at all. Lots of parents feel trapped in the evenings, unable to leave the house or invite friends round because of sleeping children or a lack of spare cash. Being able to play online offers a lifeline, allowing them to rekindle their social life online through chat rooms, whilst enjoying winning prizes and bonuses!

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