Multi-Player Blackjack tournaments

If you enjoy playing blackjack but haven’t yet tried out a multi-player online blackjack tournament, you may be missing out on an enjoyable pastime. Blackjack is a nice blend of luck and strategy and multi-player tournaments bring an extra edge to the game that playing against the house simply doesn’t.

But unlike poker tournament which demand a high degree of concentration and strategy, blackjack tournaments often appeal to those of us who don’t want to take the games quite so seriously. In other words, it’s a fun game that offers the right compromise between chance and judgement – but the tournaments really do bring a competitive edge to proceedings – and that makes the whole thing a lot more fun.

Just be sure to choose the right site.
One way of making sure you’re in good hands is to look for the online casinos that have earned the industry’s top independent accolades. One site that has been recognised in this way over and over is 32Red. The online casino watchdog body Casinomeister, which also acts as a player advocate organisation, has awarded 32Red the title of “Best Casino” for six years in a row, culminating in the same site now being awarded the title of “Casino of the Decade”, the highest accolade yet.

If you click for online casino games at 32Red you’ll quickly find your way to the casino games section, under which you’ll be able to spot blackjack tournaments. Then, you can put your blackjack strategy, skills and luck to the test - pitching yourself against other enthusiasts.

The site offers regular blackjack tournaments running through each week, with a clear schedule of the different tournaments. There are three different blackjack tournaments in total, though each is a multi-player based game, of course. The 32Red $500 “Blackjack Attack” tournament is a weekly tournament which carries with it a guaranteed prize-pool of $500. But you need to qualify – and you do that through daily qualifying tournaments which all adds to the fun.

With 32Red’s “Survivor Blackjack” tournament, you’re in a knockout competition with players becoming eliminated following each round. The scores are then reset before the next round begins and so it goes on all the way to the final round when all players still standing win a cash prize.

And finally, there’s the “Freeroll Blackjack” tournament which is tailor-made for beginners because they’re completely free to enter but have cash prizes. So here, there’s nothing to lose, you may win and, perhaps more importantly, the freeroll tournaments enable you to see if you enjoy the whole experience or not.

Each day’s multi-player blackjack tournament schedule is clearly laid out on the site with name, type (i.e. whether it’s a scheduled tournament) the prize-pool, how you can win and, of course, the start time.

Other sites also offer blackjack tournaments – so if you haven’t tried one yet, maybe it’s time to think about a freeroll?

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