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Since playing in a casino online often means playing with your real money, we never tire to remind you how the security should always be the number one requirement for all players. To play in a casino room is absolutely safe because the only way to be able to get only the best in the world of the game in terms of fun, why not also win.

Fortunately, as explained below, the State Monopolies Autonomous Administration has failed - the first in Europe - to devise an interesting system of certification can provide to Italian players to have fun on platforms always honest and safe.

Responding to the need to have spread around the video slots from Microgaming in an environment "clean" and based on common rules and clearer, AIMS was the first authority in the European Union to create a regulatory system that can create the market for poker games and casinos Legal online.

With the adoption of specific technical standards, routine well-established - as an example, I just think that all the rooms in active servers are connected with the Ministry of the Interior for a constant control - and the imposition of a tax system accurately , AIMS has now found a way to regulate the Far West of a time making the world safe casinos a reality and no longer confined to the "grayness" of a regulatory time.

In case you have arrived on this page with the intention to try one of the halls of casino, we invite you to look at this list of AIMS rooms available for the players in full compliance with Italian law. Alternatively, if your intention should be to find out more quacks the Italian regulatory system in relation to the world of online gaming, then please continue to read the contents of this article.

As the advantages of online casinos are pretty obvious when put in black-on-white as this page, you still remember how the practice offers a reality by reading much more complex due to the ingenuity of some dishonest operators unquestionably illegal salt .If you do not want to browse the complex list of dealers on the official site of the AIMS, you should consider the link to the reviews published at the beginning of the page, since we Casino Online and we offer only rooms we review legal - without no exception.

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